FeedBurner feed not updating? See how to fix it.

I noticed that one of my blog feed wasn't being updated. It was just same as I first burnt it in FeedBurner. But it wasn't showing my latest post. I have searched different blog & site for fixing this problem. But I wasn't easily successful. After much searching I have fixed it successfully. Here is the way how to fix not update issue with feedburner:

(1) First Process : Go to FeedBurner account>> FeedBurner feed>> Then click on Publicize
feedburner publicize

Now click on PingShot and Activate. Now your feed will update instantly.

feedburner pingshot

(2) Second Process : If you find that your feed isn't been updated yet then Go to Troubleshootize>> then click on pinging FeedBurner.Then give website adress and click Ping FeedBurner button. Then FeedBurn will update all your feed immeadiately.
FeedBurner Pinged

(3) Third Process : Just go to your FeedBurner account>> FeedBurner feed on the My Feeds page>> On the feed management page go to Edit Feed Details. Then just change the url a parameter or limit the number of post in feed to be shown.
Like: Change your original feed address from


To the below format 


Here it means three maximum number of post will be shown in your feed. To understand this fact perfectly or if you feel any problem like your feed filesize is larger than 650K, then to fix please see this post.
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