How to get rid of Shortcut Virus Forever

We are accustomed to a common problem know as "Shortcut Virus". Sometimes we see all the file of a folder or Pendrive have been turned into a shortcut form but when we see properties we see it has occupied same space as the previous file. Then we term it as Shortcut Virus problem.


What is ShortCut Virus: 

Actually Shortcut Virus is a "Latent Trojan Virus" because antivirus cannot detect this virus easily. This virus does not expand until you  click on the shortcut. If you click on the shortcut, this virus will expand through the whole drive and hide your data.

In this article I will show how to get rid of shortcut virus forever and recover hidden files and folder in the Hard Drive or Pendrive or any directory. I have divide this procedure into three parts. In first I will show how to disable AutoPlay to stop virus entering PC form pendrive. Second Part is about how to recover hidden files. Third part is about stopping shortcut virus execution from C drive and finally removing ShortCut viruses.

Procedure to Remove ShortCut Virus:

Disable AutoPlay:

Step-01: Press Windows+R then type gpedit.msc

Step-02: Then click on Administrative Templates >> Windows Components >> Double 

Click on AutoPlay Policies >> Double Click on Turn off  AutoPlay

turn off autoplay

Now a new screen will appear like below:

pendrive autoplay off

Step-03: Now Enable Turn Off AutoPlay selecting All Drives. Then click Apply to save setting.

Recover hidden files:

Step-01: Press Windows+R then type cmd

Step-02: Write your Drive or Pendrive letter in cmd. I have witten H: as my pendrive letter is H:

Step-03: Now write this code and hit Enter to recover your lost file. Write  attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l  

[Important: you must give single space between every term]

Step-04: After hitting Enter you will see files in your drive as before.

shortcut virus remove

Stop Virus execution:

Step-01: Go to C drive. Then write this address in the address bar:

C:\Windows\System32\wscript.exe  then hit enter.


Step-02: Find wscript.exe and click on it.

Step-02: A new window will be opened then fill up the check box before Stop script after specified number of  seconds as shown below:

Remove Shortcut Virus from your PC: 

Step-01: This is the final step which will remove virus from your PC. For this install malwarebytes antivirus which is specifically made for removing Shortcut Virus. To download malwarebytes click here.
It's a premium antivirus. For your convenience, I am giving severel ID and Serial Key. Try any of them.

Malware bytes ID and serial key:

ID: 2XX86
Serial: 2864-FFBJ-4Y77-Q87B

ID: 7KJ94
Serial: 0AC2-JKBA-BTN9-48P8

Serial: 4CR59 Serial key: XACJ-HK4N-N7BQ-HHK6

User Name : 5XA52
Serial : P0DE-557A-ER1H-YCMP

User Name : 9UW48
Serial : LQ4U-R2YN-J151-A5BF

User Name : 7QN62
Serial : EBNF-4EFT-2PVD-84U4

User Name : 1KE85
Serial : T04T-RJ1U-H2X2-6FBL

User Name : 3FL75

Special Step:
 In spite of completing all four step described above successfully if you find Shortcut Virus unfortunately, do the following:

    Step-01: In this step you need to delete wscript.exe which is located in the directory C:\Windows\System32\  . But you will not be able to do that. To delete wscript we need "Unlocker " which will delete wscript. Download Unlocker from here.

   Step-01: Install Unlocker of 32-bit or 62-bit version according to your operating system with administrator mode. Then go to C:\Windows\System32\ and find wscript.exe.
   Step-02: Right click on mouse. Then click on unlocker, it will ask for 'User Account Control'. Click 'yes' . Then select action>>delete.


[Please let me know if there is any problem. Thanks for reading.]
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