Zachary Kelman, A Great Blogger From New York

Today I am going to discuss about success in Blogging, I shall try to cover everything from domain setup to SEO and making revenue. Here, I have given an example of a successful blogger Zachary Kelman from New York, USA. I know Zachary Kelman personally. So, I had a decent pleasure to meet him and know his tactics and truth behind his enormous success.
Zachary Kelman a Successful Blogger

How to Achieve Success in Blogging? 

Blogging is not a thing for people who are not patient. You create a blog, generate unique content, make proper SEO, grow visitors and eventually get success. But before attaining success you have to go through a long tiresome path. Most people give up in the middle of their path. But those those who doesn't give up, only they can be a Blogger.

Strategy of Zachary Kelman for being successful in blogging:

  1. Think about what will be your subject or topic of blogging. Choose the topic which you feel from heart. Because, now-a-days there are a lot of blogger out there and people only reads which is real, organic and goes through their mind.
  2. Choose your domain name. This is a great challenging thing. From my personal experience, I say I had fallen in a great confusion what will the domain name for my blog. In this case I suggest you to select on which contains the subject of your blogging. Such as, if you want to be a blogger on the topic "Web Design", then consider choosing a domain name close to "" or "" or so on. Now buy this domain name from a popular domain registrar like "", "" etc.
  3. Choose a hosting. You can choose both paid hosting or free hosting like If you choose Wordpress as your blogging platform, you can consider buying a hosting plan from Godaddy or Hostgator etc. But primarily, I suggest you to choose Google It's easy and free.
  4. Create a blog and choose a template or theme which is perfect match for your blooging topic. You can search for premium theme in themeforest with your Blogging topic. But primarily, I suggest you to use a free theme. There a plenty of free theme available for Blogger and Wordpress. If you face problem in setting up your blog you can take help of an Web Developer.
  5. After setting up your blog, start writing articles on precise topic. Focus on current phenomena that are happening around the word regarding your blogging topic. Never copy paste anything. When creating an article, select a focus keyword for your article. Such as you are writing an article on "PHP", then PHP is your focus keyword. Keep this focus keyword in your article URL and in the article title. Also, use this keyword at lease 2% in your entire article body. Keep a subheading (h2 tag) containing your focus keyword. Try to keep an outbound link and use simple language with comparatively short sentences.
  6. After you have written a couple of articles, index your blog to Alexa. Also, Submit your blog sitemap in alexa. You can read this post How to submit and Claim Your Blog in Alexa. After submitting your blog to alexa, submit your blog sitemap in Google Webmaster and Bing. You can read this post on How to Submit Blogger Custom Domain Sitemap in Google Webmaster. To submit sitemap for another site read How to Submit Blog Sitemap in Google Web Master.
  7. After you have created at least 70 posts, Apply to Google Adsense for showing ads in your blog. Before submitting request, make sure your blog has a Contact page, a Sitemap page and a Privacy Policy Page. Creating sitemap page in Blogger is little bit tricky. To create a Sitemap page in Blogger, You can read this post How to Create a Sitemap Page in Blogger.
  8. Be active in replying to the blog comments of your visitors. Submit your blog sitemap regularly in Google webmaster.
Please subscribe our blog to get frequent update as soon as they are available. These are the thing that was the hidden treasure of the success zachary kelman.To know more about zachary kelman or to contact with him for more details you can contact Zachary Kelman at his email:
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